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Lake property owners and Lake Associations as well as all lake stakeholders are deeply invested in the protection and preservation of their lakes. Often frustration ensues when adverse trends start to threaten lake living enjoyment. These trends can include invasion of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), worsening of water quality, erosion of property values and lake congestion. Lake property owners and lake organizations are finding that coping with these adverse trends requires awareness and engagement.

The post Components Of A Successful Lake Stewardship Program talks about three important factors for success. They are (1) lake property owner activism, (2) participation in lake organizations and (3) water quality data. Lake property owners recognize the need to take action. They get involved in their Lake Association or if one does not exist they take steps to form one. They find that monitoring the health of their lake with multi-year water quality data analysis is beneficial and is helpful when making proposals to state and county agencies for assistance or grants.

Success in accomplishing objectives often requires a coordinated effort of multiple lake stakeholders facilitated by communication and interaction. provides a library of pertinent posts that can be referenced to assist in the process.

John Kruse