Enhanced Lake Association Directories

Many Lake Associations publish Directory books for their Members.  The Directories not only include names and lake addresses of property owners but also include information on Association programs and listings of Officers, Directors, Committee Chairs, etc.  They often have sections for lake stewardship best practices, lake safety and aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention.  Usually advertisers are solicited to offset Directory creation and production costs.

www.lakeadmin.org has researched Lake Association Directories starting in 2016. At that time a comprehensive review of existing Directories was done to get an overview of what was commonly included in Directories and what was thought to be of interest to readers.  Opportunities were discovered and relationships established to obtain demographic data on lake property owners from county files.  Many counties in Minnesota provide this data to property owners that can be formatted for Directories.  Based on this research and innovation, expertise was applied to create the Enhanced Lake Association Directories system.

The content for Enhanced Directories can be assembled cafeteria-style.  Along with property owner listings Directories offer the opportunity to inspire lake property owners to become engaged and energized.  Sections can be included on the Association, Foundations, Sailing Schools and contact information for County and State agencies.  See the Ultimate Directory post in www.lakeadmin.org for examples of Directory sections.

Ultimate Directory Sections Examples

Directories can be constructed to accommodate all budget constraints.  A unique and innovative optional component of this new system is the Coop Advertiser Solicitation Program.  It may be possible to relieve Lake Associations of the burden of having to personally sell ads to finance their Directories.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

www.lakeadmin.org has completed numerous projects with several printers in the local region and can shop for the best printer, for the best job, for the lowest price. 

In the spring of 2020 the system was used to create Lake Association Directories for two larger local Associations.  One project was for 900 books and the other for 800 books.  The system accommodated custom formats and used supplied Member data from the Associations.  For reference contacts and more information on these projects contact [email protected]

For a comprehensive no-obligation consultation on how www.lakeadmin.org can assist your Lake Association to create an Enhanced Lake Association Directory contact:

John Kruse
[email protected]